Current FLURREIYAL Collection for SALE:

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👇Page 2's Collection of "Commonly Rare"👇

As Flurreiy continues

more NFTs will drop for our readers to collect. Above is the current collection for sale and on a scheduled timeline the following collections from Flurreiyal Trinity World’s Back Of Page, Logo, & Cover Variants will be added to the blockchain @ Opensea for purchase. A single purchase of any of  Flurreiy’s NFTs will automatically enroll you into Trinity World’s VIP program giving you full access to Flurreiyation’s newest pages as soon as they drop, as well as, a 20% discount on all Flurreiyal merch & 10% off on future NFT purchases. (Also become a holder of the gold card for front of the line access to ALL Flurreiy’s events, including our future “DREAM” themepark.)

👇Page 2's "RARE" Logo Variant👇

(Each Page release will include a “RARE” variant from the Covers or Logos Collection!)

Each & every variant is completely unique from one another making all purchases 100% RARE!

Also be on the lookout for our unique "CHAPTER" variant in every Collection

👆Page 2's Unique Chapter variant👆

(Chapters have their Unique variants & one will release with each Page)

But still there's more in each Collection

👆Page 2's Uniquely Rare variant👆

(Each Page Collection will contain ONLY one Unique Rare variant of said Page)

The E❌tremely Unique

"Madder's Collection"

(There can be ONLY 1)

Collect ALL 4 to become "The Leader of SeekZers"

To become a “Leader of SeekZers” you must form your very own Collection of Flurreiy’s Extremely Unique variants, & there can be only one “Madder”. There are four “SETS” of variants which will be auctioned off one at a time. The winner of that auction will then choose which ONE of the four variants they would like to own from that “SET”, & the remaining three will be put in Flurreiy’s vault FOREVER. This will continue until the three remaining “SETS” are auctioned off as well. Once “ALL 4 SETS” (one variant from each) are sold the real ‘MAGIC’ begins. It will be up to the “INDIVIDUAL” variant holders to bargain & “Persuade” one another to give up their most prized Flurreiyal variant. Once a “Madder” has finally gained the power of owning “ALL 4” variants in their very private collection that “Leader of SeekZers” will have Extremely Unique access to EVERYTHING within Flurreiyal Trinity World for as long as they can continue to keep other Flurreiyan’s offers at bay. (The 1 & ONLY Platninum Card holder) But remember, “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE”!

"The Madder's SETS"

Upcomming Collection to be minted