†HE Americañ cån rai§e å miracle par†¥!


FLURREIY.com’§ author💔JD is more then willing to put †HE MO§† BANNED series on hold for a moment, †O help §ave Åmericå.


“With the literal decay of our laws in the last few months, I believe it is time for New Jersey to go in an entirely “NEW RADICAL” direction leaving many of our old laws in our past within the VERY FIRST 100 DAYS!!!”

"†he FIÑå1 §†råw"

WE †HE PeOP1E 🚫F New Jer§e¥

"Who would DiE for the constitution"


"1§†, 100 DÅ¥ Åmendmen†s."

In the light proceeding the😷”PANDEMIC”, there is a crisis facing New Jersey like NEVER BEFORE that “WE” must face head on TOGETHER going forward, needing a completely “NEW RADICAL” way of thinking to solve such complicated issues, before there’s not a Constitution to §†ÅñD=Up for any longer.

"VO†E Jack Dessin 4 GOVERNOR" from the ÅMERICAÑ †icke† †o §ee these "EMERGENCY" laws put into place immediately




              Åkå LIL tech will be cens🚫Red day 1, meaning that every citizen in New Jersey will be afforded absolutely FREE, using state tax payer’s dollars,   access to a website domain from a company of their choosing that is “APPROVED” to allow the “New Age” of the internet to begin. This 1 dramatic change will tackle issues from censorship, climate change, income inequality, & so much more finally allowing the “TRUE” Capitalistic=Socialistic economy to thrive like never before. This one move alone will funnel “THE MAJORITY” of these monopolistic companies profits overnight into the average “New Jersey’s” citizen’s hands where their data and earning$ truly deserve to be.  This repeal & replace of section 230 will take place, as well as, in our state allowing not only citizens to sue for past PROVED censorship, but will also hold these companies accountable for each data breach going forward, including, giving them the option of being EITHER, publishers, like the individuals that will take hold of these “New Dominion§”, where they may decide every word that they display on their programs, or they are to be a common square platform, in which they have absolutely no say in what is “shared” holding the individual accountable instead of the Company. Along with this “WE” will introduce a central searching service to reach every “New Dominion” ©reating a true individual block chain between each & every human as they tell their very own self=endowing “§torie$” online generating wealth for 

"WE †HE PE🌎P1E".



              As “WE” become more individualized it would only then be intelligent to become an 

                                                                                    “OPEN CARRY §anctuary §†Å†E”. 

Simply enough meaning exactly as it sounds, returning to “Our Father’s” vision once again, reviving the citizen’s second protective right, handing back to the individual the complete ability to arm oneself up to, BUT EXCLUDING, the interest of, “a country destroying weapon”. With the ideas of becoming more of a “self-†ru†h” “defunding the police” society taking hold, it is only conceivable that “WE” take more responsibility for ourselves when it comes to our own protection as well, making New Jersey an “Open Carry State” on day 2. This law will reinstate the initial rights ALREADY GIVEN AT BIRTH BY OUR FOUNDER§ that have previously been slowly stripped away over the years by our government, simply returning what is rightfully yours back to where it truly belongs. “ALL assault WEAPONS are at its root DE§IgNed essentially created & crafted? F🚫R! PR🌎†E©†1🌏Ñ.” Including, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, all defensive equipment such as body armor, shields, MILD IRRITANTS, & mufflers to protect one’s hearing.



“WAR¿ †¡ME.”

                   With “Åno†her war” in the book$, it’s also time to relieve “OUR §oldiers” by finally granting them quarters completely ending the WAR OÑ DRUG$. Simply put as we demolish any previous notion that the individual ADULT is not aware & capable of making their own decisions on the things they decide to “ALLOW IN THEIR VERY own BLOOD§TREAM”, including but not limited to ,antibiotics, vaccines, & O†C medications. WE must also come to the realization many of our BROTHERS & SISTERS are still being “tortured” to this day rejecting their God given freedoms, all over mediocre thinking. The pure facts would PARDON EVERY previous “NON=VIOLENT” offender, while also DRAMATICALLY lowering future crime as well as police interactions in general, on day 3 of said administration finally putting another pin in reaching true 



“Probable cåu$e §earch & §eizure”

           With the drastic inequality from our legacies beyond any of our con†rol still plaguing us today, trespassing becomes an issue, whether it’s from the police entering property “UNWARRENTED”, breaking all kinds of BOARDERS, or the average citizen wondering across imaginary lines as the population increases, & while the homeless encampments continue to reach record highs. These factors seep into all aspects of our economy making New Jersey a “§anc†uar¥ BOARDER $†Å†e”, meaning we need to swiftly become a state that will not accept any piling of illegal immigrants into our state on day 4 to stop future revolving doors to be closed once & for all. §o what we can do to combat Å1L these issues at once is another easier solution then people are agreeing on, as “WE” would form a homeless commission to “EMP†¥ †HE $IDEwålk§”, as well as, getting more property into the lower class’s hands, by making a NEW sector completely focused on bringing 

"ciVi1zņioÑ †o ¡†$ pEAK."


“$elf incrimination”

         Å§ the idea of your $e1F truth being yours & yours  alone becomes more prominent, it is not only against the HIPPO LAWS to request medical information, & also because it’s actually more scientifically based, that masks do more harm then good to all ages, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN,  for which “WE” must become a “$anc†uar¥ non=INFORM §†Å†E”, OÑ day 5, immediately making it against state law to ask for any type of medical information to use “EVERY SERVICE IN OUR STATE”. NOT DOING SO will only exacerbate everything from racial inequality to racism, & climate control issues, halting an entire part of the population’s ability to access the same services, all for refusing to wear “UN=NEEDED PRO†EC†IOÑ”. Including, BUT NOT LIMITTED TOO, all schools & businesses denying rights of individuals to a private medical history, “WE” don’t mandate condom passports or racial identification, & so on. So along with removing all racial profiling on state forms by deleting the ability to ask ANYONE FOR THEIR RACE FOR ANY REASON, period, this will give the individual their rights to not self incriminate because the simple fact is once you have THE CHOICE OF taking the vaccine, science then states, that your risk has been minimized to its maximum, which of course means, WE CAN Å1L TAKE OFF THE MASKS to help our brains not get suffocated “DÅ1L¥”, regardless what your surrounding citizens then decide to do about their own medical decisions based on their own SPECIFIC HEALTH HISTORY, so we don’t go around 

"K­illiñg OFF †HE WEaK."


“Righ† †O Å fair †rial”

         Å§ oppression grows “WE” can ill afford to put off “Defunding †HE BAD åpple$” any longer, WHILE ALSO REMEMBERING TO CELEBRATE OUR †RUE HEROE§, not only in our local police stations but also ALL the federal agencies located or dealing within New Jersey, that are supposed to be completely bi-partisan, §o another commission will be formed on day 6 to take on the corrosive MEN & WOMEN of law enforcement, because they always confirm that the BLUE hate the ignorant cops more then the civilians, so this will give those GREAT OFFICERS the ability to SELF=POLICE eliminating the criminals inside of the system because NO MAN IS ABOVE THE LAW. Although it will be technically an incentive program to get rid of your corrupt co=worker, “WE” as an entire society must also crack down on A1L  the  “FAKE POLICE REPORTS”, not only lessening interactions which will allow ADEQUATE FUNDING to accomplish the goals that heroes should be focused on, like saving the public from harming others, as well as, SERIOUSLY increasing penalties for falsely reporting on YOUR NEIGHBOR aka FRAUD, BUT AGAIN REINFORCING THE STATEMENT 

"ÑO mÅn i$ ÅBOVE †HE 1AW."


“Common§ $ui†§”

         With pertaining to the idea that you should have the right to have your peers decide your disagreement, I believe the agreement has been settled in part by EVERY PARENT wanting a good education for their child, while some ideals may not align, so by day 7 “WE” shall form the “CHILDREN’S PROTECTION COMMISSION”, in order to abolish the strangle hold on schools, parents, & children that unions refuse to loosen up on. Å beautiful part of this article is that it plays along with article 1 as well, beings that from the ages of 13 to 18 the “Dominion$” put into place for each child will help with schooling  & or their first “MOT”, with a determining price of the fluctuating economy as well as maxing out at its co=option, which is having the first two years of college completely paid for each young adult, denying the need for the federal funding for secondary school within Å1L of New Jersey homes for the length of time that child is in “OUR” public schools. Staying with the equality for children ideals, “WE” will also write into law that it is EVER child’s right to be transgender & play sports in their specified leagues, meaning again choice will be involved for EVERY CHILD. “WE” will be starting TWO BRAND NEW SPORTS LEAGUES, one for boys whom want to tran§fer sexes, as well as one COMPLETELY separate league for girls choosing to become a different sex other then that which they were endowed with, while still continuing the GREAT SPORTS DEBATE, seeing the children’s bests interests protected, before they become mature enough to make the detrimental decisions alone. These schooling incentives including value WILL INCREASE depending on many aspects including on excellence & achievements, during school hours or those beloved sports this law will save going forward, which will include NOT PLAYING OTHER LEAGUES that won’t match “OUR COMPETITION STANDARDS”. Although because it MAY BE CONSIDERED RACIST, CRT will be denied regular funding, BUT staying with the choice theme it will be included in the tax app in ARTICLE 13, so if it is something you CHOOSE for your child to learn this will allow you to send your child to a private institution, with the funding that it requires.   §imply putting into action the 1$† EVER true PUBLIC

"§chool choice Program"



      Wi†h the “PANDEMIC” coming to a close “WE” must take a look at the essentials of humanity, & not a human alive can survive without the ability to consume clean water, so since that is the most obvious statement EVER made, on day 8 the “essen†ial clean wa†er” commission will be formed in order to “connect” EVERY counties water supply in order to make sure no New Jersey citizen ever goes thirsty, by making Å1L water bill§ become obsolete by deciding it’s a”§tate owned community commodit¥”, as well as, pushing back on climate control creating clean jobs, while “REFRESHING” the states CLEAN WATER supply &

"§†rengthening GREEN inni†ia†ives"


“Righ†§ ÑO† LIMITED”

    With rights being taken away every day returning the ability to decide is a must. The government has been over stepping their authority “OUR” entire lives forcing us to pay taxes on certain situations that go completely against the INDIVIDUAL’S belief systems. §o with that in mind, on day 9 the FIRST EVER “†ÅX ÅPP. COMMISSION” will be formed truly giving “COMPLETE” control over their payment plans with UNCLE $ÅM to the tax payer. There will be a “BASIC TAX DEDUCTION” which are the majority of your state taxes that are decided by the state, BUT for CONTROVERCIAL tax deductions, there will be an opt=in where you will be capable of paying the remainder of your bill by CHOOSING which things YOU would specifically like to help out with, such as abortion, refunding the police, & etcetera, finally personalizing your INDIVIDUAL taxing payments. In today’s world we have the technology to create this app for download allowing you to choose between certain options with the push of a button, possibly changing your mind as your values “PROGRESS”. Making the 1st EVER

"†ÅX Paymen† op†ion§"


“DefederalizatiOn, returning $†Å†e§  Power”

          After drastic changes endured by the “pandemic” it is time to take the POWER BACK from the federal government, as well as the, W.H.O. & any other corporation that deals with major waste effecting, not only climate change, BUT also the possibility of future “PANDEMIC§”  explaining “OUR” disgust with their incompetence once & for all by taking away funding from New Jersey tax payers. This is why on day 10 a commission for “Wasteful Businesses” will be formed. Companies involved in the “current” pandemic will lose Å1L funding & for future gain of function research, it will either take place “off planet”, or not @ all, with the scientist that choose to continue to do these studies understanding before hand that “IF” future diseases are contracted in these facilities, then those specific researchers will have had known before hand the risks of this reward, which will be a life time quarantine from returning to EARTH, OR they COULD simply use robotics to complete these “Func†ion§”, like com’mon mÅn please finally use COM’MON §en§e. Once these standards are accomplished, companies LIKE AMAZON would be eligible for HUGE tax cuts & grants, also including small businesses within “our” boarders as well for their ever so important climate control GREEN policies RELAXING THEIR

"EXTREMEL¥ Poiñ†less Wais†fulñess"



 “EVEN God RE§†ED 4Å D奔, BUT WHY WOULD “WE” human§ when AMERICAN$ can officiall¥ be celebrating instead, so this one is pretty simple making sure that this day WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN IN New Jerse¥ going forward, also uniting the communities once more wi†h Å

"9-11 $†a†E PaiD H💔lida¥"


“Famil¥ ELEC†OR§”

     Wi†h federal, as well as ALL, TAXES on a steady climb, “WE” should not be paying @ ANY POINT when you are simply helping your “loved ones” including EVERY BLOOD FAMILY  MEMBERS, also by marriage BUT only while still married, 4 ANY REASON. So on day 12 a commission to exterminate Å1L gift taxes will be formed. This will include the “DEA†H TAX” beings the government needs to step back out of ¥our 

"Ci†izen'§ Famil¥ DRÅMÅ."



      §HÅ1L NO† BE IMPO§ED”

         In order to accomplish this “WE” need another commission to END GOVERNMEN† RACIÅL PROFILING” which is actually a lot simpler then anyone could EVER IMAGINE. †his can easily be accomplished by deleting 1 question from Å1L government forms “IN OUR STATE” FINÅ1L¥ allowing our races to stop being oppressed once & for Å1L with the deletion of that one question asking EVER¥ONE’§, “RACE” which is not only profiling, BUT racist all by itself. Segregation in itself is evil which means any, corporation or school, found to practice this WILL loose all BASIC FUNDING, although choice taxes may be used for even the most “disruptive ideals”. This & so much more can be situated on the first ever “M¥ †AX CHOICE ÅPP” allowing CERTAIN choice taxes such as crt, abortion, defunding state fbI, CIA, & other agency offices in New Jersey, & or additional funding for the police which will be another INDIVIDUAL option rounding out your state taxes, making it so people finally have a decision on the basic idea of where their tax dollars are going to. We have to focus as an entire population in ORDER †0

"Pro†ec† ever¥ cul†ure"


        “L¡fe Liber†¥ Proper†¥.”

Yes YOU CAN STRESS †o me that we are in Å “pandemic”, at which time I’d like to remind you that basically the entire world is covered in an aids pandemic, as well as a cancer pandemic & EVERY OTHER DISEASE KNOWN TO MAN is a pandemic as well, because that word simply means it’s SPREAD AROUND THE WORLD like EVERY DISEASE “pretty much” is, BUT of course you would be correct, $O I would then refute it is NOT A DEADLY PANDEMIC since the WORLD’$ DEA†H RA†E has actually been hire 15 years out of 20 since the year 2000. & in the FUll YEAR OF 2020 the death rate world wide barely increased from the year prior. §o with that said I would IMMEDIATELY DROP Å1L New Jersey covid-911 restriction’$, allowing the economy to †HrIve once more. Just because you have contracted a disease, SOME HOW, it does not sign your death WARREN†, & I can 

"ņ†e§† †o †Hņ"


“Elec†ioñ LÅW$”

      This is 1 thing I need to make very clear, ALL COMPUTERS CAN BE MINIPULATED, POINT BLANK FU©king period, so “WE †HE PEOPLE MUST DEMAND IN A COMPUTERLESS VOTE, WI†H Å CI†IZEÑ’§ Iden†ifica†ion 




               wi†H slavery being a huge topic today, & ÑO† OÑL¥ ÅBOU† THE PAST EITHER, “WE” need to finally put the stake in the ground that New Jersey DOE$ NO† agree Wi†H $LAVER¥ IN AN¥ CAPACITY, meaning we need another commission to take form on day 16, to settle that abhorrent practice once & for Å1L, by creating the “EX†REME $LÅVE †ÅX”. This committee will be convened & set forth †o create a state †ÅX which will go directly to help programs such as previously stated in the clean water & FREEDOM OF SPEECH articles. †hi§ will immediately affect Å1L corporations already known, SUCH AS NIKE, & any other companies that want to sell their products within New Jersey state lines, that are already known to have, & or decide to incorporate these horrific practices into their businesses going forward. THIS WILL TAKE HOLD WITHOUT THE CORPERATIONS PUSHING THE CO§† TO THE CONSUMER, meaning the average cost can not be higher then ANY OTHER STATE IN AMERICA. †O use “GENOCIDAL $LÅVE LABOR” has once again taken hold around the globe, §o WE “must $IGÑÅL” †O EVER¥ONE TODAY THAT IT’S NOT OK, because

"Well, $eriou§L¥ W.†.F."


“Vo†1ñg on Hi$†or¥.”

            In †oday’s worlD, history is being written “DÅIL¥” online by journali$†, & †HEñ re=wri††en later by changing th ARTICLE ON THE SAME LINK, essentially changing not only the history of which side that journalist was originally on, BUT MORE IMPORTANTL¥, it’s revising history COMPLETELY because it erases what our grandchildren & future civilians understand about this time period Å1L †oge†her. §o on day 17th yet another commission will be form in to order “§†OP revisionist’s HI$†OR¥” by making sure going forward NO AUTHOR will be permitted to change previous links, outside of minor corrections, †Hņ means simply going forward ANY CORPERATION OR INDIVIDUAL found revising their previous “NEWS articles”, instead of creating a NEW LINK that attaches to the original link, will be FINED, depending on severity. †o make it simple going forward

"Let$ pro†ec† Hi§†or¥"


woRd$ 1i†erÅLL¥ m円ER



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2 thoughts on “🚫JD?4!G🚫💔.”

  1. “IF” you’re a New Jersey resident & don’t want to leave your name & address here, simply email [email protected] .
    “IF WE” don’t respond because of F.google feel free to contact “us” here & “we’ll” contact you directly for that info…
    †HAnk you, everyone & anyone that helps during this process of unseating “MURPHY”? that! is.

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