CH-4🔺wHA† dId ­¥🌎u do?

CH-4🔺wHA† dId ­¥🌎u do?

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This “Epilogés” Page of Flurreiyal Trinity World is where you’ll be able to find all AVAILABLE options for that entire chapter in one unbroken video.

These may include choices such as:

Written Word Only, Variants Only, Audio, with OR without intros and exits, as well as the most popular

“Flurreiy For Dummies” Mind Blowers.

Hope You Enjoy!!!


Without Intros & Exits

Coming Soon

CH-4🔺wHA† dId ­¥🌎u do?

For When You Want To hear Every Intro, Parody Songs, & Exit of each Page’s Video Included With The Written Word As You Listen Along To Rator Reading You The Story.

Intros & Exits

CH-4🔺wHA† dId ­¥🌎u do?

For When You Want To Read Along With Rator As He Brings You Jasper’s Flurreiyal Adventures.

Written Word Only

CH-4🔺wHA† dId ­¥🌎u do?


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