🎶I'm An Alien, Coming To Your World🎶

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Below is Flurreiy’Ation’s 1st Parody Song of Chapter 5…

Trinity World has designed a  method for you to access the music & lyrics in two very simple ways.  At the top & bottom of each “🔺Flurreiyal🎶Music🌎” page is a menu with a drop option which includes every song from F.T.W. in alphabetical order, allowing you to click on your favorite song immediately directing you to that page. Or, we have supplied you with the option to follow along with ‘Flurreiy: A SeekZer’S Odyssey’  in the order the melodies were integrated into the specialized content pages by simply clicking on the “Next/Previous” Parody button displayed after the song lyrics at the bottom of each page. 

Thanks & As Always,❤Flurreiy

🔺Chapter 5=Music🌎

🎶I'm An Alien, Coming To Your World🎶

🎶Aqua's Parody🎶



🎶Alien, Stay Forever🎶


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