🔺Chapter 5: What N🌎w?


Flurreiyal Trinity World’s “Creating Gallery” is here for your viewing pleasure!

As  JD is illustrating his master pieces each step of the process is documented for Trinity World’s records & this section below is where you will be able to witness, not only all the hard work that goes into every Variant, but the incredible way each and every picture was created from its inception!!

Navigating through the pictures is simple:

You can click on the arrows to the left or right on any picture in order to move one illustration in that particular direction, or click on any DOT under each picture to go to that illustration which will allow you to easily start at the beginning of each Creating Gallery set giving you the most interesting show of the Variant’s birth from beginning to end.

Hope You Enjoy!!!


Enjoy Your Odyssey❤Flurreiy

🔺Chapter 5🌎

What Now?📸Variant

🔺Chapter 5: What N🌎w?

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CH-5: What Now?

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