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ŧ †HE 😷§†oR¥🚫©oцiñUe§ "DÅiL¥"

Wi†H †HE Lņe§† ÅUdio, Wri††en pÅGE§, & variants @🤷‍♀️


You can…


 JD will be adding personal ©Oцen† here


†o👌 give ÅLL 🤷‍♀️¥OU reADer$ A †rUe LOOk😎 Iцo

HI§ †HOugh† ✍proce$§

ŧ Flurrei¥ 💔Unfold$


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"Hey, Government!!"

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They’ll intercept my Super Chat, gotta wonder if they’ve intercepted F.T.W.’s letters & emails as well??

“Super Chat to Savanah Hernandez. Rapid Fire & Flurreiyal Trinity World need to join a lawsuit for blocking OUR communications.”

"IF" JD ran 4 office "MAF1A"


😷"MORE §ooñ"🐣